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A Trip Through History on the Florida Republicans who voted to keep a Confederate General Statue in the Capital

On February 23rd, the Florida House voted to remove a statue of Confederate General Edmund Kirby Smith.   The vote was pushed by Democrats and African-American lawmakers as part of a growing movement in southern states to remove old symbols of the Confederacy.  The Senate passed the removal 33-7 and the House concurred 83-32.  The map below shows the House vote.  All no votes came from Republicans. Continue Reading

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Jefferson County Commission and School Board Districts Disenfranchise African-Americans

Jefferson County, Florida, a small Democratic-leaning county just to the east of Tallahassee, is currently being sued by the ACLU over its 5 single-member commission districts, which are used for both County Commission and School Board elections.  The suing parties say that the districts use prison gerrymandering to inflate the minority population of one district specifically, District 3.  The issue stems from Jefferson County Correctional Institution, a jail with over 1,100 inmates.   Prison populations are counted by the census for the location they are incarcerated in, not where they initially lived.   Continue Reading

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‘Twas the Night Before the Redistricting Trial…

‘Twas the night before trial, and all through the house,

Not a creature was stirring, save the click of my mouse;

The maps were all mounted by the desk with care,

In hopes that an end of the redistricting saga would soon be there;

The analysts were nestled all snug in their beds,

While visions of convex hull scores danced in their heads; Continue Reading

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The New Florida 5th: There’s a feeling I get as I look to the West

Now that Florida’s Supreme Court has signed off on a Congressional map, the voters of Florida can finally know what districts they live in.  For voters in North Florida, this means dramatic changes to their current political situation.  Many voters west of Walton County will find themselves either in a safe Republican seat that stretches from Bay to Marion, the Florida 2nd; or a safe Democratic seat that goes from Gadsden to Jacksonville, the Florida 5th.  The new 5th district is designed to be an African-American district, replacing the Jacksonville to Orlando configuration of the past. Continue Reading

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Florida Redistricting: The Process is Broken and it is Time for a Change

If you were waiting for more evidence that an independent or bipartisan redistricting commission is needed in Florida, the last several months have proved it.  Florida continues to have no finalized Congressional or State Senate maps, leaving local election officials hamstrung as they gear up for a Presidential Primary just around the corner.  The Congressional Maps were just approved by the Supreme Court last week, however, a federal lawsuit from some parties may be brewing.  Meanwhile the trial on the Senate maps has yet to even begin.   Continue Reading

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New Coalition Maps, DLP’s Amendment, Oliva’s Plan, and where things Currently Stand in Redistricting


A good deal has happened in the ongoing redistricting saga in the last several days.  The State Senate passed its proposed districts with a controversial amendment attached.  The House redistricting committee has passed their own amended version of the map, and the coalition plaintiffs have now put forward three proposals.  This article will go over each development.

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The Coalition Plaintiff’s Senate Proposal: Some key issues

The coalition plaintiffs suing the Florida Legislature over the 2012 State Senate boundaries have opted to release one proposal they have for the Senate lines.  The word from many is that the coalition may release another map, one that incorporates 2012 and 2014 primary data, which is an issue I have discussed on this blog.  The map has several issues and it is definitely this writer’s opinion that some adjustments need to be made.  Let’s take a look at some key details.

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