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November 2017


“Franksgiving” – The Period from 1939 through 1941 when Thanksgiving was Partisan


Thanksgiving in America is meant to be a time of year when family gather together to eat and give thanks.   Its also a time of year when family get together to watch football and argue about politics.  However, for the most part we think of Thanksgiving as being above the political left-right debate.  However, many do not know the tale of “Franksgiving” – a time when Thanksgiving became a very heated political issue. Continue Reading

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Jackson County, Florida Votes to become a 100% Wet County

At some point in your life you have heard the term “dry county.”   For many of us it’s when we are trying and failing to buy alcohol while on a trip out of town.   Despite Prohibition ending in the 1930s, there are still many places in American where you cannot purchase alcohol.  Some jurisdictions limit purchases to “lighter” drinks like beer or wine.   Other jurisdictions ban sales on Sundays.  These different regulations are often referred to a “blue laws.”    Continue Reading

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How Miami Beach’s Referendum on Last Call Crashed and Burned

Miami Beach is many things to many people.   For many its a great place to retire right on the beaches.   For middle aged folks its a tropical paradise to raise a family in.  For locals and visitors its a place to party and have fun.   For college students its the site of legendary South Beach.  Miami Beach’s reputation for its night life and party scene has been part of its identity for decades.   Establishments across the city have last call at 5am vs the traditional 2am you see in most of the state.   The iconic Ocean Drive (next to South Beach) has an active club and nightlife scene that brings in money and tourists year round. Continue Reading

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Miami Forever – The Politics behind A City’s Preparation for Climate Change

The November 7th, 2017 elections saw a huge swath of premier races that got a good deal of state and national attention.  Virginia and New Jersey Gubernatorial elections dominated national coverage while Florida’s political press closely watched the St Petersburg Mayoral runoff.  However,  in Miami-Dade county the most closely watched election was for a $400 million dollar bond measure in the City of Miami. Continue Reading

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The Great Comeback in St Pete: Kriseman re-elected

This is the second installment about the St Petersburg Mayoral Election.  For more background on St Pete politics, check out my August article.

St Petersburg Mayor Rick Kriseman, the first Democratic mayor the city has in decades, was seen as a dead man walking as he faced re-election against the very popular former Mayor, Rick Baker.  Kriseman spent the summer of 2017 trailing in polls and money as he looked to face off against a Republican who had strong support with African-Americans; a staple of the city’s blue lean.  However, Kriseman shocked the Florida political class when he came in first in the August round of voting, forcing a runoff against Baker. Continue Reading