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September 2014

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The Spectacular Self-Destruction of Steve Stewart

This is a cautionary tale for all those future or past candidates out there.  The subject, Mr. Steve Stewart, is centered around politics in Tallahassee, Florida.  However, the lessons learned can be applied across the country.  It is the tale of going from being a legitimate contender for office to a full-blown perennial candidate. Continue Reading

Elections, Florida

Nan Rich: Favorite Daughter of the Dixiecrats

On the evening before the 2014 Florida Primaries, I posted an article making the argument that Nan Rich, a south Florida lawmaker challenging Charlie Crist in the Democratic Primary for Governor, would do better in the conservative panhandle than in the urban liberal centers. I highly encourage you to read the article before continuing here.  Sure enough, as the results trickled in on primary night, this prediction came true.  While Charlie Crist won 75% of the statewide vote, his weakest performances were in the conservative counties of North Florida and the rural farmlands of the south. Continue Reading