Georgia 2014 Senate Primary

Georgia 2014 Senate Primary

Here we see the top 5 candidates for the open US Senate in Georgia. wWith three congressmen running there was a strong degree of sectionalism in the race. Representatives Gingrey, Broun, and Kingston won their respective areas. However, Representative Jack Kingston outpaced his fellow congressmen by dominating in his district and dominating the southern end of the state overall. Kingston was clearly the southern choice for the state and that allowed him to come in second in the race. Businessman David Perdue came in first by performing strong in the northern end of the state, especially in the heavily populated Atlanta suburbs. Meanwhile, former Secretary of State Karen Handel relied mostly on the the Atlanta suburbs for support. She started off in a distant third as the counting began, but narrowed the gap as the suburbs came in. However, she fell short. He main issue came from her and Perdue dividing the suburban vote, allowing Kingston to remain in second place.
Representatives Gingrey and Broun only did well within their districts. Gingrey or Broun would have been the weakest challengers to Democratic candidate Michelle Nunn due to their extreme conservative positions and records for controversial statements. However, their candidacies faded as the campaign progressed.

Perdue and Kingston will now find themselves in a runoff at the end of July. The race will no doubt be a north versus south affair. Sense the North has more votes, expect Kingston to fight for votes in the North and to consolidate the Broun and Gingrey voters. Kingston will need to siphon off voters from Handel, the tea-party favorite to catch up to Perdue, who is seen as more moderate. The runoff will also come down to turnout. Several runoffs for congressional seats will be happening that could effect those figures. The runoff is likely to get nasty, as Kingston has accused Perdue of not being conservative enough.

The more nasty and divided the race gets, the better it is for Michelle Nunn.

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