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The Timeline of Passage of Martin Luther King Jr Day

Every 3rd Monday of January, America celebrates the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr; the face of the civil rights movement of the 1960s.  Dr King’s commitment to non-violence as a way to protest the Jim Crow south were instrumental in turning the nation’s attention toward the struggle of African-Americans to secure basic rights in many states in the nation.  Growing up, every child (hopefully) is taught about King and the civil rights movement.  His “I have a Dream” speech captivates students and serves as inspiration, but also a cruel reminder of our nation’s flawed past.  King’s assassination in 1968 made him a martyr for the the cause of civil rights in America and he is known world-wide.  As we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr Day again, this article takes a look at the fight to cement his legacy, and the legacy of the civil rights movement, with a formal holiday. Continue Reading

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Leon’s Charter Review Board is Considering Proposals that will weaken African-American electoral power

Leon County, Florida is currently in the middle of going through its Charter Review process.   The county, home to Florida’s capital, became a charter county in 2002, and every eight years the county commission appoints individuals to the ‘Charter Review Board’ to consider changes that can be put forward to the voters.   It has come to my attention, however, that the board is debating two proposals, which, if passed, would severely hamper minority voters in the county. Continue Reading