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May 2016


Kentucky Primary Preview: West Virginia Part II

Tuesday is the day of the Democratic Presidential Primary in Kentucky.  Bernie Sanders is still trying to amass delegates in an increasingly long-shot effort to get the Democratic nomination.  Clinton, hoping to put Sander’s away for good, has opted to actually spend money in the contest after ignoring Indiana and West Virginia.  Kentucky’s closed primary is being sited as an opportunity for Clinton, as she often performs better in closed contests.  However, this author is unconvinced, and sees Kentucky likely to be West Virginia Part II. Continue Reading


The West Virginia Democratic Primary Protest Vote and Bernie Sanders

The day of the West Virginia primary, I posted this article predicting an especially large number of ballots to be cast for candidates other than Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton.  Overall I expected Sanders to win by double digits due to demographics, but that the main story would be how many voters rejected both candidates.   When the results came in, we did indeed see the largest share of the vote for non-Clinton or Sanders so far, 12.7%. Continue Reading


West Virginia Democratic Primary Poised to have high protest vote

West Virginia and the Democratic Presidential Primary

Today is the West Virginia Presidential Primary.  With Trump having secured the Republican nomination and already leading polls in the state by wide margins, most attention is focused on the Democratic side.   While Clinton still stands poised to win the Democratic nomination, Sander’s is favored in West Virginia.   Continue Reading