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November 2015

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No Facts Behind Claims that the Kentucky Gubernatorial Election was Rigged

Not long after the ink was dry on articles declaring Matt Bevin the winner of the Kentucky Gubernatorial Election, a conspiracy theory arose that the election must have been rigged.  Heading into the election, Democratic Attorney General Jack Conway had a small lead over Bevin, a Republican businessman whose campaign struggles and clashes with the RGA had been well-documented.  The Huffington Post polling average placed Bevin at 40% and Conway at 43%.   When the election was over, Bevin won with 53% to Conway’s 44%.

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Florida, Redistricting

New Coalition Maps, DLP’s Amendment, Oliva’s Plan, and where things Currently Stand in Redistricting


A good deal has happened in the ongoing redistricting saga in the last several days.  The State Senate passed its proposed districts with a controversial amendment attached.  The House redistricting committee has passed their own amended version of the map, and the coalition plaintiffs have now put forward three proposals.  This article will go over each development.

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